Bob Larsen's
Fee Tickets 2.00
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Fee Tickets 1.00 was developed as a single user program some time ago.  I decided to rework the program as a multi user application and release it as a freeware application called Fee Tickets 2.00.


All of the applications I have developed to date have been for the general public except this one.  Fee Tickets 2.00 was developed for medical professionals only.  I've had a lot of good doctors over time and this is my way of giving a little something back.


Fee Tickets 2.00 is probably best used by young medical professionals opening their first practice, but is not limited to that use.  Any doctors office that needs an easy way to keep track of their patients health is welcome to download and make use of the program.  All you really need is a windows based machine running version 8 or higher and an ink jet or laser printer.

The Main Features:


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