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These are the windows you will see when you set up the backup/restore location.



 This window opens when you configure your office information.  This information is used when printing the fee tickets for individual patients.




 This is the screen you will see when you start the program, of course all the fields will be blank until you enter the first patient account.  No information can be entered directly on this screen, you must use the command buttons on the left to enter or edit information.




 Above is the Add New Patient Record screen.  This the only thing you will be able to do when you bring the program up for the first time.  An account number and patient name must be entered but any other field can be left blank.  The account number is checked for duplication, if there is a duplication you will be prompted to enter another number.  Any blank field will be filled in with a "?" automatically by the program.



Above is the Edit Patient Record screen.  Any field can be edited.  Here account numbers are checked for duplication.




 Above is the window you will see when searching for a patient record.  You can search by name or account number.



 This is the window you will see when you print patient records to the screen.  Printing begins with the record showing on the Main Display Screen.



 The Main Display Screen has navigation buttons for moving through the database records.




Above you see an example of the printed Fee Ticket form with Progress Notes.




Above are the images of the adult and pediatric chronic problems and medications forms.  These forms are printed separately depending on the patient's age.


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